Development History

Dragon,Create a new high


“China Five-Star Patent Agency” entitled by China Intellectual Property News; “Outstanding Patent Agency” and “AAAA-level Patent Agency” entitled by BJPAA (Beijing Patent Attorney Association) “Representative of Beijing IP Top service Institution” entitled by BJIPO (Beijing IP Office)


Dragon won the title of “China Four-Star Patent Agency”. Brach office established in Changsha, Hunan and Shanghai as well as U.S. new branch in Silicon valley.


Dragon won the title of “China three-Star Patent Agency”. President Ms. Qingfen HAO was awarded the title of “National Intellectual Property leading person”.


Dragon won the title of “China two-Star Patent Agency”. Langfang Branch was established, with the number of staff breaking 200.


Dragon won the title of “China Outstanding Patent Agency of”.


The number of cases broke 5000 in DRAGON. In the same year, President Ms. Qingfen HAO was selected to be the “expert of State Intellectual Property Expert Database”.


Ms. Jing XU took up the post of general manager of Beijing DRAGON for overall responsibility for company management.


Beijing Dragon moved to Maples International Center, Haidian District, with the number of staff exceeding 100, marking Dragon had been developed into a medium-large firm.


European office was established in Geneva, with business expanded to European market.


Professional terms and code of work was fully implemented in the firm and three-grade management mode of manager, director and team leader was determined.


Domestic department was established to provide better service the domestic client.


Attorney department established three professional teams of mechanics, electronics and chemistry. The construction of attorney terms became more formal and well-organized.


Dragon undertook the first case of integrated circuit in China in the same year, the number of cases exceeded 1000, thereby DRAGON headed toward a medium-large firm.


U.S. office was established, with business expanded to U.S. market.


Dragon was founded by Ms. Qingfen HAO. Tokyo office was established In the same year.

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