Corporate intellectual property strategy business
20 Oct

Corporate intellectual property strategy business

Over the years, Dragon has been committed to providing clients with the best intellectual property service, accumulated rich experiences, cultivated a lot of intellectual property experts, and established professional teams for providing clients with professional intellectual property strategy service.

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Dragon built good partnership with many large companies to provide solid, high-qualified retrieval and analytic result for them. Now Dragon is an alliance unit of overseas workstations designated by Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Intellectual Property Office, to provide corporate in the Development Area with all kinds of strategy services for layout of overseas intellectual property, and we have cooperatively established the Japan work station and the US work station.

The strategy services include: retrieval analysis service, overseas alerting service, corporate intellectual property strategy, intellectual property lawsuit invalidation, etc.

In respect of the retrieval analysis service, Dragon owns different types of patent retrieval analysis software, which will be utilized alone or in combination according to practical conditions in order to provide clients with full retrieval data and professionally legal proposals.

Strategy business team:

The team consists of full-time lawyers, litigators, patent attorneys, patent engineers, specialist advisor, with the technical field covering a wide range of electronics, information communications, mechanics, automation, automobile making, chemical engineering, medicine, etc, and characteristics of:

1)Rich experiences: members of the intellectual property strategy team undertake the strategy service work for many years, and are highly praised by clients;

2)Foreign language advantage: members of the intellectual property strategy team are all proficient in one or two foreign languages, and they are capable of provide services for domestic and foreign clients in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korea, Italian, etc.;

3)Convenient contact ways: members of the intellectual property strategy team can communicate with domestic and foreign clients in real time via phone, video conference, etc.;

4)International professional team: members of the intellectual property strategy team have the experience of studying, advanced researching, training and working abroad;

5)Experiences of international intellectual property business: Dragon has more than ten years’ agency experience of international intellectual property business; and

6)Excellent international service cooperative relationship: Dragon keeps good cooperative relationship with a great number of excellent domestic and foreign intellectual property service organizations by virtue of years of foreign-related service experiences, and has excellent international service cooperative relationship as a support of intellectual property global strategy work.