Invalidation and litigation
20 Oct

Invalidation and litigation

Dragon’s legal department specializes in handling invalidation and litigation cases involving intellectual property.  

The technical expertise of invalidation and litigation team covers a wide range of mechanics, equipment, chemistry, medicine, communications, electronics, automation, chemical engineering, etc., and cases that can be handled include invalidation request, invalidation response, administrative proceedings of invalidation, administrative proceedings of reexamination, infringement lawsuit, appeal, ownership dispute lawsuit, compulsory execution, etc.

The invalidation and litigation team has the background of intellectual property and law majors. Members thereof have intellectual property agent qualification or lawyer qualification, and a majority of them have both of the two qualifications. 12 of the members are recorded in file of the Supreme People’s Court, and own the qualification as an invalidation and litigation agent. Members of the team have brilliant technical and legal knowledge, rich practical experiences, and outstanding cases handling ability, keeping higher success rate in invalidation and litigation cases. 

During more than ten years’ action of invalidation and litigation cases, Dragon acted as an agent of a great number of cases which caused concerns in this industry. In 2004, Dragon was entrusted by 12 petitioners to add the action of oral examination of invalidation request upon the Viagra applied patent of which US Pfizer has gotten patent right in China, and won the case. This case was selected as a classic case of the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO. Dragon won 4.5 in 6 pieces of design invalidation cases entrusted by New Holland. In recent years, Dragon acted for the series

Dragon invalidation and litigation team is composed of :