Intellectual property training and consultation

Intellectual property training and consultation
20 Oct

Intellectual property training and consultation

Dragon is one of the first Beijing intellectual property service organizations designated by relevant competent departments of Beijing. 

In accordance with Beijing intellectual property service brand organization cultivation method, Dragon actively works in intellectual property training, realizes resource integration and adds values by creating platform with excellent patent agencies in this industry in combination with actual circumstances and guidance of relevant policies. Dragon provides not only staff training for intellectual property agencies, improving their professions and career competition and further creating more social values, but also open and customized courses for all enterprises, institutions, communities and individuals. Dragon intellectual property training team is comprised of industry expert, senior training instructor, managerial personnel, etc.

Dragon held large and medium training and discussion activities successfully, like the design seminar with Japan delegation of electrical industry, the seminar with US AIPLA visiting group, and accepted staff sent by clients to conduct research and study together periodically.

Dragon’s founder, Ms. Qingfen HAO, and vice general manager Takatori Soda, are training instructors of Japan Intellectual Property Association and Japan Invention Association, and hold intellectual property related training and lectures periodically, which receives good comments in Japan intellectual property industry. There are a lot of excellent patent attorneys in Dragon to be instructors of All-China Patent Agents Association and Intellectual Property Training center, and accepts invitations of all local competent departments of intellectual property, enterprises and constitutions to conduct training.

Training courses are classified as below:

1)Patent practice training;

2)Trademark practice training;

3)Intellectual property law related training; and

4)Intellectual property service training;

Trainings are implemented in the following ways:

1)Face to face teaching;

2)Researching and studding;


4)Remote video training; and

5)Customized training.