Other intellectual property services
20 Oct

Other intellectual property services

About intellectual property training services

Dragon has provided and is providing relevant training and consulting services for many domestic applicants and government departments. With the improvement of domestic enterprises' awareness of government intellectual property rights and the growth of their ability, Dragon is also constantly learning, so as to improve its service level, ability and core competitiveness, and assist domestic customers to break through technical barriers and legal difficulties through its own efforts.

Dragon provides comprehensive intellectual property business training for large enterprises and government departments in China. The training includes one belt, one road, one patent and trademark, the other is patent and trademark, the patent and trademark application process, and the patent and warning map, the Madrid and Hague agreement, the anti-unfair competition, the technical secret and the business secret protection plan, the influence of the whole area on patent and trademark layout.

Dragon can customize exclusive training contents and training programs for customers according to your various needs, and entrust training teachers with rich training experience to be responsible for relevant work.

In addition to the basic knowledge of intellectual property involved in the patent law, patent examination guide and trademark law at home and abroad, Dragon can also provide exclusive training for senior managers of clients. For example, intellectual property transformation, trading, licensing, value evaluation and other relevant contents of intellectual property operation and negotiation.

About intellectual property strategic services

The strategic services provided by Dragon include: domestic and foreign intellectual property retrieval services, analysis services, patent map making, early warning services, navigation services, enterprise intellectual property strategic development services, invalidity of intellectual property litigation, etc.

Strategic service team:

Dragon intellectual property strategic service team is composed of lawyers, patent litigation agents, patent agents, patent engineers and expert consultants. The technical fields cover electronics, automation, information and communication, Internet, machinery, automation, automobile manufacturing, biomedicine, chemical industry and other fields, and have the following characteristics:

1)Rich experience: members of intellectual property strategy team have been engaged in strategic service for many years and have been widely praised by customers.

2)Foreign language advantage: members of the intellectual property strategy team are proficient in one or more foreign languages and can skillfully use Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian and other languages to provide services to customers at home and abroad.

3)Convenient contact method: it can communicate with domestic and foreign customers in real time through telephone, video conference and other means.

4)International professional team: many members of the intellectual property strategy team have relevant experience in studying abroad, studying and working.

5)International intellectual property agency business experience: Dragon has more than ten years of experience in international intellectual property business.

6)Excellent international service cooperation relationship: with many years of foreign service experience, Dragon has maintained good cooperation relations with many excellent intellectual property service institutions at home and abroad. With excellent international service cooperation relationship, Dragon can provide more effective support for the global strategy of intellectual property.

Other intellectual property services

Intellectual property services other than patents and trademarks are also important and advantageous components of Dragon services.

Other intellectual property businesses include intellectual property customs protection registration, computer software registration, copyright registration, judicial litigation and administrative treatment of copyright infringement, agency of trade secrets, commodity decoration and unfair competition cases, integrated circuit layout design registration, domain name registration and dispute resolution.

Dragon is an intellectual property agency that started other intellectual property business earlier in China. It represented the first integrated circuit case in China in 2002, application No.: 025000330.After more than 20 years of development, Dragon has accumulated rich experience in other intellectual property business and has a solid case handling ability.

Most of the other members of Dragon’s intellectual property business team have legal degrees and relevant professional backgrounds. They have worked in intellectual property offices at home and abroad for many years, received systematic training, handled a large number of complex cases and have excellent agency ability. Other intellectual property business teams of Dragon can skillfully use English, Japanese and Korean to directly discuss, consult, communicate and contact cases with foreign customers, so as to ensure the timely communication with foreign customers and the high accuracy of agency business.

In recent years, Dragon’s other intellectual property business has developed rapidly, the types of cases are diversified, and the number of cases has increased year by year, which has been highly praised by our customers.