Trademark business
20 Oct

Trademark business

Trademark business is an important and advantageous part of Dragon's business. Dragon trademark business began in 2003 and has accumulated rich experience and excellent case handling ability.

Main contents of trademark business:

① Domestic and foreign trademark basic application cases (such as registration application, application for change and renewal, etc.), trademark review cases (invalid cases, rejection and reexamination cases, etc.), trademark objections and other trademark related application cases.

② Trademark counterfeiting (such as market investigation, administrative investigation and criminal reporting), trademark litigation cases (administrative power confirmation cases, civil infringement cases)

③ Registration of trademark related cases and other intellectual property rights (e.g. registration of trademark related cases)

Characteristics of Dragon trademark business team:

1High degree of internationalization and global vision

The core personnel of the trademark application team have graduated from famous foreign universities, understand and be familiar with the culture and working habits of relevant countries, and have strong foreign-related communication skills.In recent years, it has provided international trademark business services for many large domestic enterprises going abroad. At the same time, the trademark team actively participates in the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association every year and has in-depth discussions with professionals from other countries and regions on the current situation of China’s trademark development, the trademark development strategy of international enterprises in China, international trademark registration and other topics, And established a stable and friendly business relationship.

2Professional, good at dealing with complex and difficult cases

In order to meet the increasing service needs of customers, Dragon trademark team has specially set up a professional litigation and anti-counterfeiting team to realize the whole process service from application to right exercise.

By analyzing the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting and trademark infringement cases, we can provide more valuable application strategies for applicants and help customers obtain key rights. Through targeted application strategies, we can serve customers to protect their rights and crack down on counterfeits and solve the pain points in client’s hearts. Dragon’s trademark team has embarked on a path of combining application and rights protection, which is comprehensively solving customer needs through professional strategies and various professional means.

3Adhere to professional ethics and meet the reasonable needs of customers with the greatest sincerity

In view of the current situation of the trademark agency industry, Dragon trademark business team adheres to professional ethics and actively protects client’s rights. After years of continuous efforts, it has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad and has been rated as the national excellent trademark agency by the China Trademark Association for many times