Patent Attorney

Director of Tokyo Office


B.S. degree in Aeronautic Engineering from Harbin Military Engineering Institute.

M.S. degree in Information Science from China Science and Technology University.

Technical Field:

Patent prosecution, patent reexamination, patent invalidation and patent infringement litigation relating to the electrical field including electronics and communications, computer and network, or the like.

Business Area :

Patent prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, litigation, search and analysis

Professional Profile :

Ms. Hao has engaged in the research work as an electrical engineer in Wuchang Ship Building Factory for many years.;

In 1980’s Ms. Hao worked in a large institution, in charge of IP matter and studied in Japan, Austria and Germany for patent examination and Patent laws;

Ms. Hao has worked in Japan as a legal counsel on intellectual property laws in a Japanese company for several years. She personally handled many patent applications and patent infringement cases both in Japan and in China. With her excellent Japanese and extensive knowledge of both Chinese and Japanese patent laws, Ms. Hao successfully represented her Japanese clients and presented her professional and technological opinions on the patent infringement cases in Japanese courts. Ms. Hao enjoys a reputation as one of the leading experts of Chinese patent law both in China and in Japan. She is a frequent speaker at various international symposiums on Chinese patent law;

As a senior visiting scholar, Ms. Hao studied patent laws at Tokyo Metropolitan University from1991 to 1992, during which Ms. Hao published several research papers on patent for utility models with Japanese Prof. Shibuya. She is the author of seven books on intellectual property laws, including Patent for Utility Models. Her papers are often published in various domestic and foreign scholarly publications;

In 1998, Ms. Hao founded Dragon International Patent Office in Beijing and she is the chairperson of the board of the directors ever since. In the same year, Ms. Hao established Dragon International Patent Tokyo Office in Tokyo, Japan and serves as the Chairman of the Tokyo Office from 1998.。


Chinese, Japanese, English


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