Deputy General Manager 

Director of Japanese market  

Japan Patent Attorney


B.S degree in Electric engineering from Tokyo University of Science  

B.S degree in Material Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology  

Entered into International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University  

School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University   

Technical Field:

Semiconductor Technology, Automatic Control, Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering  

Business Area :

Patent Prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, search & analysis

Professional Profile:

1998.09 International Patent Office

2006.02 Entered into Beijing Dragon, and engaged in translating and correcting professional technical documents in the fields of electronic engineering, photoelectronics, computer and information technology, network communication, semiconductor technology, automatic control, and the like. Now, Mr. TAKATORI SODA is the deputy general manager, in charge of the quality control department, the translation division, and the director of the Japanese market. 

Language :

Japanese, Chinese, English