Patent Attorney 


B.S. in Chemical engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Technical field:

Chemical, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical and other fields

scope of business:

Patent application, patent reexamination, invalidity, litigation, etc

Work experience:

1997-2003, leader of a research group in Research Institute of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation, SINOPEC 2003-2006, patent attorney in BTA Trademark & Patent Law Office 2006-now, DragonIP, specializing in new application prosecution, reexamination, invalidation and litigation in the field of chemical engineering, organic chemistry and biochemistry, etc. Handled hundreds of new applications, and won many invalidation and reexamination lawsuits for clients with rich patent knowledge and lawsuit experience.

In the "selection of excellent patent agencies and excellent patent agents in Beijing in 2019-2021", Ms. Ding Wenyun was awarded the honorary title of excellent patent agent in Beijing;

At present, she is the CTO of the third business department of Dragon IP, responsible for the management of the Trademark Department, the legal department and Beijing Intelligent law firm.


Chinese, English