Dragon Intellectual Property Group held 2018 year-end conference and commendation conference

The conference was presided over by Deputy General Manager Zhang Jingqiang. The conference was divided into three stages, namely singing the "Song of Dragon IP", the 2018 annual report, and commending outstanding employees and outstanding departments.

The annual report of General Manager Xu Jing was once again inspiring. Through the efforts of all staff, Dragon actually completed 13,688 cases in 2018, which is 105% of the planned target, an increase of 1,482 cases over the year of 2017. The over-fulfillment of the full-year target benefited from the steady development and improvement of the two major businesses of patents and trademarks, the development of new markets and new customers, and the continuous expansion of new business types and service models. At the same time, Dragon IP also completed two major events in 2018. First, it successfully held the 20th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Dragon IP, and the second was the successful completion of the first phase of the Dragon IP’s D system. The 20th anniversary celebration was a summary of Dragon's past, and the launch of the D system will lay the cornerstone for Dragon's future development. General Manager Xu Jing also deployed the overall work in 2019, announced new personnel appointments and department adjustments, and announced a new management model in the form of the Dragon Divisions in 2019.

At the meeting, Chairman Hao Xinghua announced the list of outstanding employees and departments in 2018, and presented awards to them. Chairman Hao Xinghua expressed his wish that excellent employees and departments would continue to make contributions to Dragon IP, and called on all employees to learn from them.

The year of 2018 has come to an end and the year of 2019 has begun. Dragon IP will always uphold its original intention to serve clients, serve the society, and contribute to the development of intellectual property rights.